Digital Photography


Why should I choose Digital Photography?

This is a single option course called ‘Photography - lens and light-based media’ and is aimed at students who have an interest in digital and photographic art.

The course allows an understanding of the professional world of photography in art and design. It aims to develop creative and imaginative ability with the practical skills of expressing  original  ideas, feelings and meanings in lens and light based media, art and design.

How will I be examined?

AQA GCSE Digital Photography has two main units to the course, each weighted as follows:

  • Unit 1 - Portfolio of work: 60%.
    You will produce a portfolio of work based on tasks agreed with your teacher
  • Unit 2 - Externally set task: 40%.
    AQA will set a question paper in January of Year 11.  Students are given one term to complete their preparatory studies in response to their chosen question.  The project culminates with a sustained piece of work, ten hours, produced under exam conditions. 

Within each unit there are four assessment objectives (AOs) that are used to determine your grade:

  • AO1 - Develop
  • AO2 - Refine 
  • AO3 - Record 
  • AO4 - Present.

What will I study?

  • Portraiture
  • Landscape photography
  • Photo-journalism 
  • New media practice
  • Digital manipulation and photo editing 
  • Location shoots
  • Video and film
  • Photographic theory
  • History of photography.

Recommended text books, additional reading and online resources

  • The Photo Book published by Phaidon Press
  • The Photographer’s Eye by Michael Freeman
  • Portraits by Steve McCurry
  • The Decisive Moment by Henri Cartier Bresson


Department contact:

Romaine Christian, Head of Digital Photography