Personal presentation is important in the world of work and we want to make sure that every Cumberland student develops a sense of pride in how they look.

Cumberland Community School (CCS) uniform expectations: all uniform items must be plain, without accessories, logos, decoration or any other colours.

Please check the information below and make sure you are buying the correct uniform for your child.

All students are expected to adhere to the following uniform expectations:

  • Blazer: navy blue CCS blazer with logo, must be worn at all times
  • Shirt: plain white shirt / blouse with collar, must be tucked in
  • Tie: CCS tie, worn to the waist. Two stripes must be visible
  • Jumper (optional): CCS V-Neck with logo
  • Trousers: plain navy blue, tailored, regular fit (no denim, coloured pocket zips)
  • Skirt: plain navy blue, knee-length, pleated with logo
  • Socks or tights: plain black or navy
  • Shoes: plain black leather school shoes, providing adequate protection and support (no casuals, fabric, canvas, trainers, sandals, pumps, ‘work type’ shoes e.g. Dr Martens boots, high heels, boots, coloured laces, coloured stitching)
  • Coat: plain navy blue or black, to be removed in class with the hood down in the building (no leather, suede, denim, hoody, sweatshirt, sports top, body warmer or gilet)
  • Hijab, Abaya, Prayer Cap, Turban, Patka: Plain navy blue. The Abaya must have the school logo (can be purchased from Ian Howard)

PE Kit

  • The Cumberland School white PE polo shirt
  • The Cumberland School navy track suit or navy shorts
  • Navy socks
  • Trainers

Jewellery, decoration and other items

  • A single necklace or bracelet for religious reasons
  • Earrings: small plain studs, matching pair or single
  • Hair fasteners: allowed and should be either plain black or blue
  • Belts: belt buckles should not be oversized or emblazoned with logos
  • Make-up: to be modest and discreet (no lipstick, false eyelashes, acrylic nails, concealer, eye shadow, nail varnish)
  • Hats: plain black woollen hat and gloves, only to be worn outside the buildings during cold weather (no baseball caps, visors or any type of bandana)
  • Bag: navy blue with the school logo (can be purchased from Ian Howard)
  • No scarves, snoods (neck warmers) to be worn in the school, with the exception of a head scarf which must be plain navy blue
  • No metal afro combs are to be onsite
  • No facial or body jewellery, unnatural hair colour, tattoos, false nail extensions 
  • No anklets
  • Masks are optional in lessons

We expect all students to be in the correct uniform. Students who choose to disobey the uniform expectations will be sanctioned for deliberate defiance of school rules. The school may confiscate items of clothing / jewellery worn to school in defiance of these expectations. In some cases the school may provide an alternative or send the student home to rectify the problem. The parent/carer will be informed that an item has been confiscated and that the item is not permitted in the school and will only be returned to a parent/carer.


Where can I buy a uniform from and how much will it cost?
The sole uniform supplier for Cumberland Community School blazer, tie, v-neck jumper, polo shirt, and PE kit is:

Ian Howard Schoolwear
409 Barking Road
London E6 2JT

Telephone: 020 8472 1729
Email: sales@ianhoward.co.uk
Website: http://ianhowardschoolwear.com

What should I do if there is a problem with my child’s uniform?
Give your child a signed and dated note to show their student manager before 8:30am. Your child will be given a uniform pass and may be issued temporary uniform items.

What should I do if there is a problem with my child’s PE kit?
Give your child a signed and dated note to show their PE teacher.

What will happen if my child is in the wrong uniform?
Your child will be issued with a detention. Non-uniform items will be confiscated and returned to parents/carers only. Non-uniform items will be replaced with temporary uniform items as required.

Can my child wear a religious dress?
Yes, the following items may be worn: Hijab, Abaya, Prayer Cap, Turban, Patka: Plain matt black.

How can I help my child not to lose any items of their uniform?
You should write your child’s name clearly in black permanent pen on every item of their uniform, including their PE kit.

Can my child wear jewellery?
The wearing of jewellery is limited to the following items: A single necklace or bracelet for religious reasons, Earrings: Small plain studs, matching pair or single.

Can my child wear make-up?
Any make-up worn must be modest and discreet. Lipstick, false eyelashes and acrylic nails are not allowed.

What happens in hot weather with blazers?
All students will be expected to wear their blazers to and from school, in and outside the building.
Classroom teachers will decide whether students can remove their blazers inside the classroom.