Extra curricular

CCS students are determined, ambitious learners. We want our students to leave CCS having made exceptional academic progress and achieved great qualifications. In addition, we also want our students to leave as well-rounded individuals. Three ways we aim to achieve this is by encouraging our students to engage with the Big Question of the week, participate in the Master Mission and attend school clubs. Please click on the relevant tab to find out about each programme.

The Big Question

Each week, pupils are posed a different ‘Big Question’ which aims to develop their social, moral, spiritual, cultural, physical, and political awareness, alongside promoting literacy, reinforcing British Values and encouraging their curiosity about the world around them. The Big Question foci are drawn from across all curriculum subjects and none – with the sole purpose of getting our pupils to read about, reflect upon and research into the wide-ranging topical Big Questions.

The weekly assembly focuses on the ‘Big Question’. These assemblies are designed to allow pupils to fully appreciate and grapple with the Big Question. There are also suggestions for enrichment activities that pupils can complete in their own time outside of school. Please see below for details of this week’s Big Question. 

Please click on the link below for details of this week’s Big Question and ways you can explore this further. If you have any questions, please contact your Form Tutor.

The Big Question - Autumn 21

Master Mission

The Master Mission is a set of tasks that have been designed specifically to encourage our students to become independent, self-reliant and dedicated learners, who contribute to their school and our wider community. There are three levels of Master Mission, which are Bronze, Silver and Gold.

As part of each level of the Master Mission, pupils need to complete a number of tasks which fall into four sections: extension, enrichment, challenge and service.

  • The extension section is all about providing our pupils with the opportunities to extend their learning, in their own time demonstrating their commitment to their own learning. The extension tasks that need to be completed tie in with the school’s Big Question of the Week programme. This can be found on our website and is available to all students on DPR.
  • The enrichment section is about encouraging our pupils to visit places of interest such as museums, art galleries and landmarks. Pupils are also expected to participate in at least one of the many differing school clubs we have on offer at lunchtimes and after school.
  • The challenge section encourages pupils to complete an activity which challenges them to develop physically, culturally and socially.
  • The final section on service allows pupils to serve the school and community by completing activities which will benefit the whole school and wider community, through volunteering and fundraising activities. We encourage parents and carers to accompany students when volunteering within the community to ensure their safety. Volunteering opportunities at Cumberland Community School will be on display on our Master Mission noticeboard and regularly updated.

All pupils who have completed the Bronze Master Mission successfully will receive a bronze Master Mission award badge and certificate, and be invited to complete the silver Master Mission award, before moving on to the highest level – the gold Master Mission award

Master Mission Booklet - Bronze

Master Mission Booklet - Silver

Covid Friendly Master Mission Tasks

School Clubs

Please see link below for information about our extended school clubs and activities 

CCS Extended Activities Timetable