Home school partnership agreement

The aim of this agreement is to encourage shared responsibility between home and school so that each student achieves their best and, in so doing, contributes positively to the school community.

As a parent/carer you will be expected to:   

  • Ensure your child is in school on time, in full school uniform and with the right equipment              
  • Make clear to your child the need for excellent manners, behaviour and attitude 
  • Regulate use of social media and mobile phones to allow your child the space to do homework 
  • Take steps to keep your child safe online
  • Update the school with any changes to circumstances and contact details
  • Make sure your child eats well by following the school’s healthy eating policy (no sweets, crisps, energy/fizzy drinks etc.)
  • Look at your child's progress regularly using the school’s Dynamic Progress Reporting (DPR) system
  • Support our school and community in whatever way you can

As a school we will:   

  • Create a safe and disciplined learning environment to foster determined, ambitious learners
  • Challenge your child to get the best grades they can 
  • Instil a sense of self-worth and discipline in your child
  • Expect your child to be on time to school and enforce this with same day sanctions
  • Respond to you quickly 
  • Be fair to all students regardless of background
  • Keep in touch regularly about your child's progress and school events
  • Provide an extensive extra-curricular programme to enhance learning

As a student I will:  

  • Do as I am asked by the teachers without argument
  • Follow classroom and corridor expectations
  • Be on time to school and punctual to all lessons
  • Be nice and polite to others, no matter who they are
  • Not have a mobile phone on site
  • Log in to DPR regularly 
  • Take part in activities outside of the classroom including Master Mission
  • Wear the full school uniform correctly 
  • Be fully equipped for all lessons
  • Eat healthy food whilst at school