Design & Technology


Why should I choose Design & Technology?

As a STEM subject, Design and Technology will help you to design and make quality products with creativity and originality, using mathematical skills, scientific analysis combined with creativity and flair. The course covers a wide range of topic areas through Years 9 and 10 and the set projects will allow you to develop your skills for comprehensive analysis, focused research and the making of a prototype; all to prepare you for your GCSE in Year 11. You will also be asked to produce clear and specific design criteria reflecting analysis and target market. Design and Technology combines elements of highly academic study and consolidates knowledge in subjects such as Maths and Science. 

Design and Technology can lead to a career in product design, graphic design, architecture, construction, research, manufacturing and engineering.

How will I be examined?

Our GCSE is provided by the AQA exam board, assessed using the following:

  • Written exam: 2hrs, 50% of the final GCSE grade
  • Non Exam assessment: 50% of the final GCSE grade (evidence based research and design task).

The total marks are  out of 200 which includes marks from the coursework and the exam.  

What will I study?

The specification is based on a selected list of projects that require students to develop their skills and technical knowledge and consider sustainability and environmental impact on their designing. It also provides the candidate with the opportunity to design and make a product using new technologies and smart materials, utilsing:

  • core specialist principles
  • technical specialist principles
  • designing and making principles.

Recommended text books and additional reading 

  • GCSE AQA Design & Technology (Complete Revision & Practice)
  • GCSE AQA Design & Technology (Exam Practice Workbook)
  • AQA GCSE Design and Technology (Practice Test Papers)

Department contact:

Mark Killoran, Head of Design Technology