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Letters for Students

Cumberland Student Newsletter - Spring 2020

24/03/20 Letter for Students

19/03/20 Letter for Students

Home Learning Resources

Please use your usual log in details to log into RM Unify following link below. 
This will be the same login that you use in school.

Virtual Classroom - Student guide

How to access your lessons from home

Google Meet Guidance

Hegarty Maths - Year 11 Student guide

Online Safety

Need to know - Snapchat

Need to know - Tik Tok

Master Mission

Covid Friendly Master Mission Tasks

HOL Contact Details

Year 7 Chloe Shine - chloe.shine@cumberlandcst.org

Year 8 Nick Penn - nicholas.penn@cumberlandcst.org

Year 9 Toby Jarvis - toby.jarvis@cumberlandcst.org

Year 10 (acting) Aaraa Akhand - aaraa.akhand@cumberlandcst.org
Year 10 (acting) Omar Hanif - omar.hanif@cumberlandcst.org

Year 11 Stephen Robinson - stephen.robinson@cumberlandcst.org

Useful Websites

Examination Boards