Reporting an Absence

In order to maintain accurate attendance records and ensure the health and safety of all students, all parents/carers must:

  • Phone the school absence line 020 7473 7548 before 9am with an explanation, everyday of your childs absence.
  • Ensure your child arrives in school at 8.25am to be at Lesson 1 by 8.35am each day to receive their mark.
  • Advise the school immediately of change of telephone numbers and of address via email at
  • Provide medical evidence if requested. It must be taken to the student window on your child’s return to school.
  • Notify in advance any medical appointment, which could not be made out of school hours. Letters, appointment cards and notes must be shown.
  • No students, if unwell or if permission has otherwise been granted, are allowed to leave school  premises out of regular school hours without an accompanying parent or carer.
  • Check with the school or the website (term dates)  to ensure that parents/carers and pupils are aware of the correct term-dates.


The school uses Groupcall, an automated calling system, to contact you in the event of your child’s lateness or absence if you fail to call us as required. Parents must respond to these messages to ensure each child receives the correct mark for their lateness or absence.

Unauthorised absences

Important - This school does not permit parents/carers to take students out of school during term-time under any circumstances for:

  • Holidays
  • Medical treatment abroad
  • Travel abroad/Away from home for family issues

Students who do this may lose their school place or recieve a penalty notice.

Students, whose attendance falls below the Government guidelines of 90% or with poor punctuality, will be asked to attend a school attendance panel meeting.

Late students

After 8.35am, any late students are required to sign themselves in using the booking in system at student window located by reception. This is to ensure that their attendence can be registered.

We hope that all parents/carers work co-operatively with the school.